Bringing foreign workers to Canada: What you need to know

Getting foreign workers to work in Canada involves a close cooperation between the employer and the jobseeker.

More than the cooperation needed, there are also risk-factors that both parties are faced with, particularly, time and money. Jobseekers have to pay for some documentation costs. Employers, on the other hand, have to shoulder costs related to selecting and bringing a foreign worker to Canada. The costs are immeasurable! One small mistake in the hiring process could be detrimental.

As an employer, are you ready to face the challenging process? Can you do a good job of bringing the workers to Canada?

For the jobseeker, will you be able to pass through the tough selection process, amidst the competition from other aspiring candidates?

Take a glimpse of how workers are brought to Canada.


From among the multitudes of highly qualified candidates, Canadian companies will go through the qualifications of each prospect. Who do you think the employers will hire? Will they hire a candidate who is not ready? What are the chances of you being selected? The selection process may take time, depending on the quantity and quality of prospects. Remember, only those who are qualified for the position and are Canadian ready are short listed.

Application for a Labor Market Opinion/Work Permit

This is the heart of the hiring process. Without a confirmation or an approved Labor Market Opinion from the Human Resources and Social Development Canada, a worker is not allowed to work in Canada. Likewise, the company cannot hire him without this confirmation that is approved with his name on it. Only after an approved Labor Market Opinion can a worker apply for a work permit. Typical legal costs could run up to C$1,500. The process takes an average of 2-6 months.

Medical Examination

A foreign worker who will be staying in Canada for more than 6 months has to pass the required medical examination. He has to be physically fit; otherwise, he cannot go to Canada. If this happens, the company loses due to costs incurred.

There are other minute details that both the company and the worker have to go through to complete the process.
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