To provide companies with highly-qualified Filipino skilled workers that have been properly screened, evaluated and validated so as to meet the demands and manpower requirements of foreign employers.

Specific Objectives
  • To supply employers with skilled workers that are capable of undergoing visa processing since they have been through a systematic documentation process.
  • To ease the burden of employers in looking for workers by giving them a single source where they can find all they need.
If you are looking for new achievers in your company or organization, then you come to the right place. Philippine Services Inc., a Canada-based specialist, lists thousands of over-qualified, eager workers willing to relocate to Canada by working closely with its affiliates in the Philippines.

With a readily-available roster of available candidates, PSI can supply workers in different fields with different level of expertise. They have been properly screened to match the needs and requirements of the Canadian labor market. Through its unique TOTAL SOLUTION package, employers are assured of highly motivated workers that will have a high retention performance.